About Us

Our brand has always been about satisfying the customers needs. Weather that is customer service, pricing, or evolving our product so that it meets there standards. Our brand was created for the simplicity of life and to overall just make life a little bit easier. With our NEW line of case, we've integrated all those into the production. As you can see we have inputted many features that support your daily routines. Like Absorption pad technology for when you drop your phone. This allows the impact to travel through these absorption pads, keeping your phone safe from those ugly spider-web cracks. Or like our Multi-point-magnetic system that allows for easy access to your phone while having 100% protection. This is very useful for maintaining a clean, well working phone, unlike bulky cases that need clips that just build up gunk over time.
*Stay tuned because day by day we are working on new products for the public* 
Feel free to contact us at support@smarttechmini.com for further information.